Local politico once pooped in a cop car, told police he “had something for them” and urinated in their direction

Joshua Wikholm (MCSO)

32-year-old Joshua Wikholm, who has been involved in local political campaigns in Clarksville, once defecated in the back of a Clarksville Police cruiser, after the officer had arrested him for public intoxication. Officer Creech says Wikholm told them he “had something for them” and urinated in the direction of the cop and his partner, soaking the patrol car, then tried to smear his poop.

If you’ve heard the name Joshua Wikholm in Clarksville before, it’s likely been related to a political campaign, perhaps he was holding a sign for Jason Knight, or managing his volunteers, as he says he managed his last campaign for the current county commissioner who is now running for city council. If not in person, you may have interacted with him online, on forums such as ‘Clarksville Speaks’, or while he was managing the social media accounts for local politicians such as Jason Knight, from behind the scenes.

Joshua Wikholm (MCSO)
Joshua Wikholm (MCSO)

In March of 2019, however, Wikholm has an interaction with the Clarksville Police Department after a night of drinking downtown. According to Officer Creech, he encountered Wikholm at the intersection of University Avenue & Franklin Street, where he was placed under arrest for public intoxication after several people flagged him down outside the Pea Patch. The bystanders told the officer Wikholm was attempting to fight them, and was kicking random cars parked on the street.

Officer Ryan Creech stated the Joshua Wikholm “had an immense odor of alcohol coming from his person”, was “slurring his words and cannot make complete sentences when asked questions”, and “appears heavily under the influence of alcohol”.

Once Joshua Wikholm was placed into custody and secured into the patrol car for transport to the Montgomery County Jail, officers report Wikholm purposefully urinated and defecated while in the back of the patrol car. They then observed Wikholm slip his cuffs and pull out his penis while telling the officers “I’ve got something for you officers”, at which time he held his penis and urinated all over the separator, back seat, and windowpane of the car, according to the sworn affidavit. The officers also state that Joshua Wikholm shit on himself and tried to smear the poop, but was stopped and re-cuffed, leaving the feces on his own person.

Wikiholm was charged with vandalism for the ‘damage’ to the patrol car, and public intoxication. After completing pre-trial diversion, the vandalism charge was recently expunged, however the public intoxication charge remains.

We reached out to current County Commissioner Jason Knight, who told us that Wikholm was ‘just a friend’ and didn’t have any role in any of his prior campaigns, or current campaign for city council. The social media posts below, however, indicated that Wikholm was an integral part of his campaign. Wikholm also credits himself as Knight’s campaign manager, despite Knight’s denial once he learned the story was being published.

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