Man accused of harassment by local politico over “annoying and offensive” social media messages

36-year-old Joshua Janes was charged with harassment when a local politico, former campaign manager for Jason Knight who smeared his own feces in the back of a police patrol vehicle, advised authorities that Janes was annoying him on Facebook.

On June 17th, Joshua Wikholm advised a Montgomery County Judicial Commissioner that he had been harassed by Joshua Janes. According to the affidavit, Wikholm testified that he had told Janes not to contact him and Janes had sent him messages that were “offensive and annoying.”

Joshua Janes (MCSO)
Joshua Janes (MCSO)

Wikholm was contacted via phone and refused to give a statement. However, Janes did comment by saying, “I would love to but my lawyer advised against it. I can gladly provide them after I am cleared of these false charges.”

On July 15th, Joshua Janes was voluntarily booked on the harassment charge and immediately posted the $250 for his release.

Sebastian Shaw

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