Indiana woman tells Shell patron “Move b-tch before I put a hot one in you”

18-year-old Royaunna Johnson was charged with aggravated assault when she pushed past a woman at the Shell station on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and threatened her life with what appeared to be a weapon.

On June 24th, Officer Peoples was called to the Shell Gas station located on 3090 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard to a fight in progress. The victim said that she was walking back from when an African-American man and woman rushed past her to assault a man. She said the woman on her way past said “move bitch before I put a hot one in you” then gestured towards a weapon.

Royaunna Johnson (MCSO)
Royaunna Johnson (MCSO)

When the officer asked if the victim saw a weapon she stated that she did not because “it was too dark” but said that she could see an outline of one. The description she gave to the police was an African-American female with dreads pulled into a ponytail with dark clothing.

Other officers knew of the individuals from previous fights in progress calls earlier in the week at 135 Westfield Court Apartment 717. The police arrived at the apartment to find the individual matching the description named, Royaunna Johnson. She is not currently residing in Clarksville but is visiting for a couple of weeks from Indiana.

Royaunna Johnson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Her bond was set at $25,000.

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