CPD Officer fired, nudes on city cell, 16K texts, a paramour recants her claim of sex w/on-duty officer

AUDIO: 19-year-old Lauren Bell initially claimed she had relations with a Clarksville Police Officer while he was on-duty. Recordings between CPD Captain Burdine and the teen reveal she recanted that statement, however, the investigation resulted in the initial demotion, and then termination, of Field Training Officer Jarreil Peoples after it was discovered he exchanged over 16,000 texts with the teen on his city-provided cell phone, to include sexual images and videos.

Indiana woman tells Shell patron “Move b-tch before I put a hot one in you”

18-year-old Royaunna Johnson was charged with aggravated assault when she pushed past a woman at the Shell station on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and threatened her life with what appeared to be a weapon.

Man steals pills, strangles victim, says: “I’m going to kill you”

Brenden Kathriner

20-year-old Brenden Kathriner was charged with aggravated domestic assault after stealing prescription pills. When confronted, Kathriner pushed his victim and then got on top of her where he began strangling her and told her “I’m going to kill you”.

Clarksville Police Officer removed from active duty during investigation of on-duty affair

Clarksville Police Chief Al Ansley confirms to Scoop: Clarksville that Officer Jarreil Peoples is now under internal investigation by the department and not working as an on-duty officer. On Thursday, Peoples’ paramour announced she was pregnant with his child, which she alleges was conceived while on-duty.