Clarksville Police Officer removed from active duty during investigation of on-duty affair

Clarksville Police Chief Al Ansley confirms to Scoop: Clarksville that Officer Jarreil Peoples is now under internal investigation by the department and not working as an on-duty officer. On Thursday, Peoples’ paramour announced she was pregnant with his child, which she alleges was conceived while on-duty.

Allegations first arose on social media early Thursday morning, in a Facebook group, posted by Lauren Bell, and removed a short time later – but not before dozens saved the screenshots. In the post, Bell wrote:

Congragulations of officer Jarreil Peoples for getting me pregnant even though he is married. Has been for 12 long years!!!!

Congrats to the new step mommy Brittany Peoples. Hope you’re ready for this long journey boo boo!!!!!! Cant wait to let the whole Clarksville police department know that you’ve been cheating on your wife for 6 months now, and such a wonderful officer protecting and serving the streets of clarksville by sleeping with me WHILE ON DUTY!!!!!!


This is a developing story, and we will provide updates as they are available.

We discussed this on Thursday’s episode of Scoop: Clarksville – the podcast, the topic starts at about 30 minutes into the show:


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Jason Steen

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54 Thoughts to “Clarksville Police Officer removed from active duty during investigation of on-duty affair”

  1. Veronica Holder

    Why is he off duty? He didn’t endanger the public. The woman knew he was married and chose to sleep with him anyway. Now, she fixing to have a baby and all the responsibilities that come with it. The only reason she outted him probably was because he wasn’t leaving his wife. She is the one looking like a dummy.
    Surely y’all aren’t going to fire him for having an affair. Before you say he was on the clock, how many of other officers has had sex on the clock.

    1. TazMage

      How many officers got called out for having sex on the clock? This is a bad look for the whole police dept, so they gonna try to shove him, and it, under the rug…

      1. Bonnie Hale

        It seems like they would have to prove he was on the clock. Not just take a scorned womans word for it..

        1. Daniel L Smalls

          the use of the government phone and she was also riding with him

    2. Eric

      Becsuse she is mad he doesn’t want anything to do with the definition of white trash. So she is trying to ruin him

      1. Daniel L Smalls

        How many lives has he tried to ruin, if it was against company policy then he is guilty

    3. Regina Gonzales

      I agree 1000% with you.

    4. Aura

      Veronica shut the hell up. He knew he was married, what does his marriage have to do with her? Plus whether he left her or not he still has to take responsibility for his actions and just because alot of cops break work protocols and didn’t get caught doesn’t mean it’s right. You sound stupid.

      1. Linna

        You sound like a hoe and side chick too ..

        1. Robin

          Exactly! Whores like that want to be relevant so bad. She’s sad cause if the wife keep him he’s definitely going to stay. She has a baby she for sure will have to take care of while he’s at home with his wife n family

        2. Robin

          Exactly! Whores like that want to be relevant so bad. She’s sad cause if the wife keep him he’s definitely going to stay. She has a baby she for sure will have to take care of while he’s at home with his wife n family .

    5. William Pearson


    6. Robin

      Exactly! Whores like that want to be relevant so bad. She’s sad cause if the wife keep him he’s definitely going to stay. She has a baby she for sure will have to take care of while he’s at home with his wife n family

      1. Trobinson


      2. Tee

        Exactly she feel stupid and he still not going to want her ass

    7. Brenda

      This girl needs to sit her Stupid Azz Down Somewhere! She knew he was married! Just another Scorned BYTCH! I’m sure he didn’t have to ask twice to get you on your Back!

    8. Lynnetta Carter

      I’m not taking no sides however, we don’t know if she knew he was married. Maybe he said nothing and she found out later. But if that’s not the case wow she should know better than to put herself in a messy ass situation like this and then blast him on social
      media and most likely the child will have no relationship with the dad. Speaking of him, Lord have mercy all this is his fault.. on duty or off duty keep your dick in ya pants and be faithful to your wife.. Smdh!

    9. Keisha

      Actually she doesn’t look like the dummy. This is one of those “what’s done in the the dark will come to the light” situation. He probably wanted her to abort the baby and ole girl wasn’t with that. I mean how do he explain that to his wife? It’s a high possibility that he might get fired. I mean yeah other officers might do things that they have no business doing on duty, but this fucktart got caught. That’s the difference between him and other officers.

    10. Renee

      If that fool was having sexual ON DUTY he should be suspended at the very least!

    11. Tot

      It’s not because he was having an affair. It’s the fact that he took time during his work shift to do it. That’s not noble nor him having integrity. It makes the department look bad. Yes, she got herself in this situation knowing he was married, now this is something she’ll have to deal with , sadly as many other women.

    12. Sam

      If you left your job while on the clock to have sex and your employer found out I’m pretty sure you’d be fired too!!

    13. Tee

      Exactly she feel stupid and he still not going to want her ass

  2. Dan

    Of course he’s black… and once you go black, WE don’t want you back. Good luck being a single mom for the rest of your life.

    1. Leah

      You’re scoring pretty high on the racist-o-meter right now

    2. Ashley

      The fuck. You racist piece of scum

    3. Linna

      You sound so damn ignorant, but its ok, WE NEVER WANTED YOU TO BEGIN WITH OR YOUR PEOPLE … as you see ya white girls are just too easy ?????‍♀️

      1. ASHLEY

        Not all white girls just trashy ones

    4. Bya

      You’re ignorance is showing, but I’m sure you’re white so that’s to be expected. You can’t want someone back who never wanted YALL in the first place. lol

    5. Gidra Gidra

      If she’s lying she needs to be made an example of, but he was married as well and that gives him responsibility to the word he gave to his wife. So they’re both on treachery, one she’s a damn thot and a liar and definitely doesn’t need to be holding no responsibility for bringing a kid here since it’ll be around to not know what an actual father is since other guys come and go around girls like that. Two, he’s a fuckboi and a liar, both on the same social treachery, both don’t want to accept responsibility for hooking up and he’s literally married. Why the fuck get yourself into a marriage just to kick it with someone who wants to be the local carousel, yoloing like a ho in their 20s just so they could hit the wall in their 30s and have another dude pay the price for her “fun”. He took vows and didn’t stand by them and had an affair which makes him a bonafide liar so this dude literally nothing but a fucking boy with a shovel with no responsibility.

      The real person paying the price in this situation is that unborn kid because it’s never going to experience the potential of an actual family unit. I feel bad for that little life, but I doubt society going to reprimand these two clowns because it’s acceptable “to be them.” It says a lot when not one in their social circle doesn’t condemn this trashy cultural norm. If anyone had some sense, if they can’t keep their word and go behind someones back, a little delving into psychology for a weekend will tell you they’d do it to you too. Run both these idiots through the fucking grinder and anybody else caught in this same situation.

  3. Mak

    CumDumpster Powers activate!

    1. Kay

      Poor Tink Tink!!! Side Piece!!! ???

  4. Joanna Jenkins

    How do she think he could help support a child with no job? She sounds petty.

    1. ExMsP

      Officer People’s
      Hmm you got busted!!!
      What you gon do when they come for you.
      Hope you can work your flaws out and can get past your mistakes with a positive outcome on all levels,
      God Bless & Good luck **

  5. Daniel

    I see it like this, he would not come to my defense if I was in need, so I am not in his, if he did it, good for him

  6. This is why I’m mgtow

    Another single mom loser with nothing to contribute to society. At least this guy served the public. These hoes need to shut their legs, their mouth, and leave married men alone.

  7. Savannah

    Start holding these men accountable, it’s possible she didnt know,its possible he’s a freaking liar..They’re adults and he knew what he was doing.When you have raw sex you get pregnant .

  8. Benjamin

    I’ll say this… cheating, it’s not right. We all have our secrets and wrong doings… But she on some bullshit! There is no sense in blasting it like that. She would feel all kinds of stupid if his wife forgave him, looked past it, stayed with her husband and made him put himself on child support. Now you stuck with a baby that is being provided for and you still ain’t got a man all while the wife is unbothered. Fucking home wrecker! …secretly come off birth control. A bitch move there!

    Shit I’m mad like she did the shit to me! LOL

  9. mary burroughs-gray

    This woman unfortunately is broken. She gaff bo problem messing with a married man. She lacks self respect and definitely is just mad because he more than likely decided not to leave his wife. To bring a child into this already crazy society under those circumstances is just plain selfish. They are both wrong and she needs to reevaluate her priorities and ensure that baby does not suffer because of her foolishness. God help them all.

  10. Shawn

    This is sad!! That person is Bitter!

  11. ASHLEY

    Man she is Salty as Fuck!!! Being a wifey i dont respect women like this trash. You claim he wanted a family yet he didnt put a ring on it? Sounds like to me she cheap I sure as hell aint going to try and get pregnant with someone who didnt put a ring on my finger. She claims not to know bitch please us female are better then the FBI when tracking men. You didnt google the dumbass? You want him not to dip out guess what u cost him his job probably so kiss that child support good bye. Second i hope he was the only one u were sleeping with bc if it a murray situation and he isnt the father girl I would slap a lawsuit on your ass so quick. I feel for the wifey you knew of her or you wouldnt have called her out. Just this whole thing makes my blood boil for the wife.

  12. Dewayne Smith

    So who is suppose to take care of thia baby if he gets fired..

  13. Kia

    This sound foolish yes she’s mad because wat she thought he was gonna do is leave his wife no ma’am u was just a piece of meat and why Dey removed him dis don’t even sound right big lawsuit women like dat would say anything to try to ruin a man he’s gonna get fired from cheating on his wife how dat sound fired from having a affair ??? if dats da case everybody on the police force wud be fired for something

  14. Diana

    Just think of all the child support THEY r going to pay..not like he can hide spme where

  15. Sam

    Guess she wasn’t white trash when he was having sex with her ?

  16. Sandy

    SHE REAP WHAT SHE SOW, she was in the moment like the sex she gave up on her own, he didn’t force her. She knew she was going to get pregnant ?? if she didn’t protect herself from getting pregnant or any sexual diseases when she knew she was taking a risk. Now, she thinks she hurted or embarrassed ? him, but he is young enough to another job He will take care of his baby ?? but not you young lady. Yours and his actions will s not acceptable and you both have to pay ? physically and mentally., and the baby ?? might have to suffer . Now, he definitely was wrong to go outside his marriage and getting caught up with a person that knew his business while working on the job doing, but I am sure his ego and other got in the way. Men, you cannot let the right hand ? know about the left hand ?

  17. Numoney

    Stupid is as stupid does…She knowingly sleeps with a womans husband. Get pregnant out him for spending time with her while on duty.
    Publicly embarrass his wife. This dumb man will now lose his pension and job. For a roll in the hay with a woman that only had sex to bring to the table… So now no one eats…he wont be able to pay child support..NO Job..

  18. Bimmy

    Infidelity is wrong, adulterous is wrong. Both r wrong it’s take two. Baby involve now, stand up b a man a child that innocent need to b taking care of. I pray for his wife, who don’t deserve this. But, when u go against God’s will u pay the consequences. It sad, u can come together make a baby, when times come to take care of the baby u can’t . Stop lying down with ppl husbands then when things don’t go your way then u ready to bash out on social media. Take care of ur business, b a woman of integrity. Leave those married men along. Both at fault, a wrong is a wrong. Women take pride in yourself . Now, here families, job are loss bc of sins. It don’t make any sense. It’s a right way to do all things. Stop embarrassing yourself on social media. What is it going to solved?

  19. Tammy

    I have to lol at this. because clearly its a woman scorned. And out for revenge. Seams this was more directed at the wife. Wouldnt it be a bitch for that wife and daddy to end up with costody of the baby! And getting daddy fired. Oh how you gona get that child support! And maybe you should be charged with obstructing justice keeping him from doing his job by putting out that free stuff. If monica can do the president of the united states while on duty. Whats the proublem with some putang on your lunch break. Lol

  20. Ree

    Soooooooooo she wants to be a struggling single mama? Because what does her dumb ass think happens if he loses his job? I never understand dumb women …his job and that child support would’ve hit the pockets…now watch his wife stay and you stuck with a baby by a man who wouldn’t leave his wife for you ?

  21. Sara Kiley

    You busting him out but you are just as wrong, simply because you knew he was married and still was with him. And what does that prove. You cause the man to lose his job. But you are ignorant. You dont think. You think this man is going to take care of you and the child but how when he has no income. Dumbness!!!!

  22. Lonnie

    WOW. This isn’t news it’s trash. You can’t tell me she didn’t know he was married. He didn’t knot her up, they did it together. She wanted to have his baby there’s to much these days to prevent pregnancies. Now she wants revenge because the affair is ending. Remember that’s what it was, an affair.

  23. Renee

    She sound young and dumb! So no you’re going to have a baby with a married UNEMPLOYED man, haha haha good luck!

  24. Amanda Rosado

    Its they business, why entertain it? Whether its wrong or right, it don’t have nothing to do with us!!!!!!!!!!

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