Clarksville man stopped for going 51 in 25 mph zone, gets DUI charge

24-year-old Stephen Keese III was charged with driving under the influence after officers clocked him going 51 in a 25 mph speed zone on Gratton Road.

Handgun found during traffic stop on Riverside Drive

40-year-old Terrance Page was charged with DUI, failure to maintain his lane, and possession of a handgun after a traffic stop on South Riverside Drive.

Medical call near Gate 1 turns into assault charge

28-year-old Benzel Smith was charged with assault and resisting arrest after a medical call for service turned violent in the back of an ambulance.

IHOP employee runs down Dominion Drive believing someone is chasing him

38-year-old Dominick Delgado was charged with public intoxication after he was reported for running down Dominion Drive and told officers he hadn’t slept in three days and drank heavily, all while screaming for his life and believing someone with a knife was chasing him.

Mother charged with using cord to hit son “to get him to leave her house”

45-year-old Claudia Hervas was charged with domestic assault after she used a cord to hit her son to get him out of her Cyprus Drive home, per report.

Palmyra woman hits rearview mirror injuring her fiance, denies knowing him

57-year-old Kimberly Lawrence was charged with aggravated domestic assault and false report after striking her fiance with the rearview mirror in her car, bloodying his face and bruising his eye. She told police she didn’t know him and was only giving him a ride.

Clarksville man charged with DUI after blowing a 0.209 BAC

33-year-old Bogdan Tkachuk was charged with driving under the influence after he was observed by police to be unable to maintain his speed and stay in his own lane and when tested, blew a 0.209 BAC, which is over twice the legal limit.

Woman charged with assault after clawing friend who didn’t want her to drink and drive

53-year-old Paulette Morton was charged with domestic assault after she was involved in a February incident where she scratched the victim after being told she was too drunk to drive.

Clarksville Department of Electricity to resume disconnections June 1

CDE General Manager Brian Taylor announced disconnections will start again June 1, 2020. CDE had suspended service cut-offs during the initial phase of COVID-19 closures. CDE has developed two options for customers needing assistance in paying their electric bills.

Clarksville woman racks up multiple charges from car accident

46-year-old Hollie Waynick was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, duty to render aid, failure to exercise due care, compliance with financial responsibility, leaving the scene of an accident, immediate notice of accident, and driving on a suspended license after she was involved in an accident on Merritt Lewis Lane and fled the scene where police found a man overdosed in the back seat.