Don’t play with your food… stamps

Jared Adams, 36, was arrested for domestic assault after an argument over a food stamp card allegedly ended with him threatening to “smash in” the victim’s face.

Woman attacks victim for not allowing her to leave with her son

25-year-old Kimberly Gurnee was charged with domestic assault after she allegedly punched the victim in the back of the head for not allowing her to leave with her son.

Woman assaults man with hammer during argument

35-year-old Katherine Diane Rogers is charged with aggravated domestic assault after she hit the victim with a hammer during an argument over him going to get her food.

Husband asks wife why she’d kiss another man in front of him; she attacks him

19-year-old Katlinn Mitchell is charged with domestic assault, public intoxication, and resisting arrest after police say she hit and slapped her husband after he came home and found her kissing another man.

Woman bites ex-boyfriend multiple times; charged with domestic assault

32-year-old Shantel Mitchell is charged with domestic assault after she and her ex-boyfriend, Deantrey Kelly, got into an argument over relationship issues that escalated to a physical altercation.

Man douses home in cooking oil & gasoline, threatens to kill everyone & himself

30-year-old Robert Johnson is charged with 3 counts of domestic assault after he poured cooking oil and gasoline all over the home of him, his brothers, and his mother.

Man assaults woman, steals car, brandishes weapon, admits to having cocaine on him, police say

33-year-old Christopher Vermillion is charged with aggravated assault, domestic assault, theft of a motor vehicle, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and resale of schedule II drugs after he assaulted his female friend and stole her vehicle, attacked her friend who tried to help, and admitted to having cocaine on him before entering the county jail, police say.

Woman charged with punching ex-boyfriend, pulling his hair, during an argument.

Kaliyah Ellis, 22, was charged with domestic assault and domestic vandalism after an argument with her ex-boyfriend over a broken water heater. She is accused of punching him, pulling his hair, and kicking his TV.

Woman charged with domestic assault after hitting hand of boyfriend recording her during argument

36-year-old Jasmin Robertson is charged with domestic assault after both she and her boyfriend called police over an argument during which she was attempting to get him to leave the residence. In the end, she was the one leaving the residence – in handcuffs.