Man charged after bruised girlfriend calls police; found with Xanax and no prescription

30-year-old Tyrice McRae was charged with domestic assault and possession of Xanax without a prescription after his girlfriend reported to police that he repeatedly punched her in the face and placed her in fear for her life.

On December 7th, Clarksville Police Officer Nicholas Rodriguez responded to a domestic violence call at 250 Holiday Drive. There he met with Elizabeth Sherman, who stated her boyfriend, Tyrice McRae, had abused her on November 25th. She recalled they had gotten into an argument that night where he began punching her in the face and made her fear for her life. She stated the reason she waited to report the abuse was that she was afraid for her life and waited for a safe time.

Tyrice Mcrae (MCSO)
Tyrice McRae (MCSO)

She explained a friend picked her up and brought her to a safe place and she waited until she knew she was safe to call. She also reported him having been abusive in the past, but she had nowhere else to go. Tyrice was interviewed and denied ever hitting Elizabeth. Based on the injury and testimony, he was placed in custody. While in custody, a search of his person revealed Tyrice had roughly two and a half pills of what he stated was Xanax. He claims he did not have his prescription for them on him, but he could get it.

Tyrice McRae was arrested and charged with domestic assault and possession of Xanax without a prescription. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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