Woman charged after reportedly pulling gun on soon-to-be-ex during custody exchange

34-year-old Renee Hardimon was charged with domestic assault after reportedly shoving her soon-to-be-ex around and striking him in the head during a custody exchange.

Man puts stolen gun against owner’s head; threatens to shoot if followed

25-year-old Fabian Brown was charged with aggravated robbery after stealing his friend’s gun and threatening to shoot him if he followed.

Man charged after claiming ownership of meth and syringes in passenger’s purse

54-year-old Clifton Schow was charged with meth with intent, felon going armed, possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony, drug paraphernalia, and improper display of plates after being pulled over with meth, a pipe, needles, empty baggies, and a handgun.

Baton Rouge fugitive found in Clarksville; receives 8 more charges

25-year-old Darian Peevy was charged with eight crimes including fugitive from justice and theft of property after Clarksville Police found him with a stolen car.

Felon and accomplice caught riding dirty; found with loaded gun and fentanyl

Thomas and Mitchell (MCSO)

37-year-old Quentin Ray Mitchell and 25-year-old Deonna Thomas were charged with multiple crimes, including possession of a firearm in commission of a felony, and possession of fentanyl after officers noticed frantic movements during a stop.

Gun-wielding wife threatens husband, then her own life

41-year-old Julie Alexander was charged with aggravated domestic assault after her husband notified police that they had an argument where she grabbed a gun and started threatening to shoot her husband and herself.

Man fires wildly into the night sky just outside Smoove’s

20-year-old Darrius Heard was charged with reckless endangerment and possession of a firearm while under the influence when he fired rounds into the air at Smoove’s and security staff pulled the weapon away from him and wrestled him outside for police.

Nashville man threatens woman’s life for snitching on Oxygen’s “Criminal Confessions”

33-year-old Thomas Albright was charged with aggravated assault for pointing a handgun and threatening to shoot a woman while calling her a snitch. She believed he may have been referring to her being on the Oxygen television show “Criminal Confessions.”

Semi-truck driver swings breaker bar and brandishes gun at Clarksville Speedway

50-year old Darren Hoyle was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after swinging a breaker bar and brandishing a handgun over one of them sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, per report.

Soldier jailed with $150,000 bond after video shows him shooting at woman

24-year-old Dillon Limerick was charged with aggravated assault when he pointed a handgun at a woman and fired into her apartment on Jack Miller Boulevard.