Gun-wielding wife threatens husband, then her own life

41-year-old Julie Alexander was charged with aggravated domestic assault after her husband notified police that they had an argument where she grabbed a gun and started threatening to shoot her husband and herself.

On October 1st, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Fleming arrived at 267 John Duke Tyler Blvd. for a suicidal threat call. Collin Bruns called the MCSO to inform them that he and his wife, Julie Alexander, got into an argument over addiction and was threatening bodily harm.

Julie Alexander (MCSO)
Julie Alexander (MCSO)

Alexander left and came back into the room with a gun pointed at Mr. Bruns, at which point he ran outside. When he came back in she had the gun pointed at herself. She stated she would kill herself, then got in her car and left.

Julie Alexander was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. Alexander was released on a $10,000 bond.

Nick Pasquinelly

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