Man admits to smoking marijuana then knocks officer’s contact out while being detained

28-year-old Anthony Marcel Deloach was charged with assault, evading arrest, and resisting search after knocking out an officer’s contact while being placed in handcuffs and fleeing on foot afterward.

September 30th, Clarksville Police Department Officer Logan Oakley responded to a call at 2485 Rafiki Drive in reference to a motorcycle speeding through the neighborhood. Upon arrival, Officer Oakley observed an unknown male in all black standing in the open garage. As the officer approached the residence, a female, Kiersten Kettles, and a male, Anthony Deloach, exited the residence into the garage which smelled of marijuana.

Anthony Deloach (MCSO)
Anthony Deloach (MCSO)

Officer Oakley asked all three parties if they had smoked any marijuana. Deloach confessed they had smoked just an hour prior. At this point, the officer told them they were being detained and were not free to leave or reenter the residence. Deloach told the officer he wanted to get his phone to make a call and attempted to reenter the residence to retrieve it. After the second time Deloach attempted to reenter the residence, the officer attempted to place him in handcuffs. With his free hand, Deloach assaulted the officer with a closed-fist knocking out both his radio earpiece and eye contact. Deloach then proceeded to flee the scene on foot until backup officers arrived on scene. Deloach was then taken into custody.

Anthony Marcel Deloach was arrested and charged with assault, evading arrest and resisting search. On October 1st, he was freed on a $35,000 bond.

Nick Pasquinelly

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