Repeat theft offender stole shrimp from Kroger and steaks from Walmart #SurfNTurf

feat Wheeler Tommy

57-year-old Tommy Wheeler was charged with burglary and theft of property when he stole steak and shrimp from two separate stores on the same day, one of which he had previously received a criminal trespass letter regarding.

Davidson County Sheriff’s Office employee accused of sexually assaulting female juvenile

42-year-old Michael Hunter was charged with aggravated sexual battery after DCS sent his case to CPD regarding allegations of sexual battery made by a juvenile female.

Man caught driving erratically down Kraft Street after officer receives tip at traffic light

47-year-old Kevin Randall was charged with driving under the influence and implied consent after a vehicle flagged down an officer at a traffic light and reported there was a vehicle driving erratically at a high rate of speed down Kraft Street.

Woman tosses BB gun out the window while evading arrest

30-year-old Chrystal Bernstein was charged with evading arrest, criminal littering, speeding, possession of a weapon during a dangerous felony, convicted felon going armed, and evidence tampering after speeding and trying to escape the police.

Man books it into the woods after firing shots; admits to purposefully missing

24-year-old Trace Booker was charged with domestic aggravated assault, possession of a handgun while under the influence, and possession without a prescription after firing multiple shots at his cousin.

Intoxicated man gets physical with his wife to “calm her down”

25-year-old John-Caleb Woodberry was charged with domestic assault after getting physical with his wife while intoxicated.

Man “chucks” girlfriend’s phone when she tries to record their fight

25-year-old John Miyaji was charged with domestic vandalism after destroying his girlfriend’s phone while she was trying to record their argument.

Georgia fugitive gets physical with wife; police have to pull him off her

22-year-old Larry Hixon was charged with domestic assault, resisting arrest, and fugitive from justice after officers had to remove him from atop his wife to arrest him.

Man records ex-lover slapping his arm and leg

22-year-old A’ Keaveia Jackson was charged with domestic assault after her ex-boyfriend captured video of her slapping his arm and leg.

Man charged with assault after hitting and pushing his wife

26-year-old Benjamin Menhennet was charged with domestic assault after getting into an altercation with his wife because she wanted a separation.