Man “In fear for his life” over news report of him defecating in a police car; seeks order of protection

Josh Wikholm, a local politico and former campaign manager for Jason Knight, has sought an order of protection, telling local judge Wayne Shelton he is now in “fear for his life” because Scoop Media has made him “appear racist” after publishing a public record of him defecating in the back of a Clarksville Police cruiser.

Wikholm, of 1082 Gunpoint Drive, filed for a temporary order of protection on Wednesday afternoon, writing in the request that Jason Steen of Scoop Media Group “has intentionally used his media outlet to make me appear a racist while posting my address”. Earlier this year, Scoop did publish public records of an incident that contained Wikholm’s address, which is also available on the County’s property assessor’s public website. The post, which contained sworn testimony from the officer stating Wikholm pulled out his penis and told them he had something for them, before unleashing a stream of urine. The document also detailed how he defecated on himself and attempted to spear the feces in the back of the patrol car where he was being detained. At the end of the post was a screenshot of Wikholm’s social media, which included the phrase “just like I don’t think the officer in Atlanta did anything wrong”, written by Wikholm.

The request for an Order of Protection contains other statements from Wikholm, including “[Steen] used to write disparaging articles using my expunged record which he obtained from a private citizen. He then republished my (unknown). This led to multiple incidents of people sending me harassing messages. From there he took snippets from my social media posted them highlighted portions then used only the address portion of my expunged affidavit to make people believe I am racist and show them where I live. I have PTSD and am a disabled veteran and am in fear for my life. “

Wikholm asks the Judge to order Steen to “remove all derogatory articles involving me and slandering me, to include painting me as a racist, so as to bring activists to my home”. While granting a ‘no contact’ portion of the order (which had never been made anyway) until a formal hearing, the judge did not grant this portion of the order. Multiple attorneys have confirmed the signed order will never stand up to scrutiny or review and note that Judge Shelton has been on a ‘social media kick’ for quite some time.

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