IHOP employee runs down Dominion Drive believing someone is chasing him

38-year-old Dominick Delgado was charged with public intoxication after he was reported for running down Dominion Drive and told officers he hadn’t slept in three days and drank heavily, all while screaming for his life and believing someone with a knife was chasing him.

Irate young adult resists police and gets tased after going ballistic on stepmother

20-year-old Zachary Holloway was charged with assault on an officer, vandalism, public intoxication, and resisting arrest after he went ballistic and threw stuff around in his stepmother’s garage, ran when she called the police, and had to be tased to be apprehended.

Woman found roaming around the Hazelwood area charged with public intox

39-year-old Danna Cook was charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest after she was found walking around inebriated in the Hazelwood neighborhood and refused verbal commands in the process.

Man found stumbling near St. Bethlehem convinced he’s in Georgia

26-year-old Jeffrey Toso was charged with public intoxication in the St. Bethlehem area after an officer observed him stumbling along 101st Parkway near Pea Ridge Road with an open bottle of whiskey, per report.

Officer flagged down on College Street by woman saying she is suicidal

26-year-old Lakeitra Withrow was charged with public intoxication after she flagged an officer down on College Street saying she was suicidal. When searched, officers find a white rock that fell out of her bra that she claimed was crack.

Man live streams interaction while being detained for odor of marijuana, alcohol and “raising hell”

47-year-old Jeffery Harney was charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest when Officer Alquzweeni detained him after he smelled marijuana and alcohol. In a Facebook live video, Harney can be heard demanding the reason for his arrest.

Homeless man found wandering in the streets of Downtown Clarksville

55-year-old Vincent Ferrell was charged with public intoxication near the intersection of College and North 1st Street after a complaint was received about a man wandering in the middle of the road.

Freighthopper jailed after having officers called 4 times in one day

43-year-old Eric Olijnyk was charged with public intoxication when officers finally picked him up at Racetrac after being called about him trespassing four times in one day.

Clarksville man ‘acts unusual’ in Plato’s Closet parking lot

34-year-old Brandon Clifton was charged with public intoxication after being reported to be “acting unusual” in the parking lot of Plato’s Closet on Morris Road. Clifton was unable to complete sobriety tests and was unsteady while walking.

Homeless man admits to drinking ‘a few beers’ found laying on sidewalk

55-year-old James Sprenger was charged with public intoxication after being reported for laying on the sidewalk of In-Town Suites near Wilma Rudolph Boulevard after being claimed to be “a risk to his safety.”