Man threatens to kill himself and wife while in the backseat of a friend’s car

Feat Young Cole

25-year-old Cole Bradley Young was charged with domestic assault after threatening to harm his wife and himself during an argument while being driven home from the Electric Cowboy.

CPD charges teen with ‘evading arrest’ but no apparent underlying crime

Feat Allen, Jacquilyne

19-year-old Jacquilyne Jade Allen was charged with evading arrest after she ran from police that were responding to a call about a fight.

Woman chases boyfriend around yard as he calls for help, per report

37-year-old Erica Burchell was charged with domestic assault after she chased her boyfriend around their home and attempted to attack him as he ran and called 911.

Man caught driving F150 with stolen tags

49-year-old Glenn Jones was charged with driving on revoked and use of a stolen license plate after an officer observed him bearing stolen tags and an NCIC search showed his license had been revoked since 2016.

Kids found alone in vehicle rolling across 41A while mom was in beauty store

30-year-old Neshaszda Wright was charged with 2 counts child abuse & neglect and child restraint devices when her car, with her children inside, rolled across 6 lanes of heavy traffic on Fort Campbell Boulevard, while she was in JC Beauty.

Soldier tries to prevent wife from calling 911 after going rounds in their apartment

20-year-old Tyler Baty was charged with aggravated domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call after getting physical with his wife and then preventing her from calling the police by taking her phone.

Man arrested for yelling and swearing at police in the middle of the street

28-year-old Carl Boyd was charged with disorderly conduct after he yelled and cursed at officers while walking down Lafayette Road. When he was warned, he proceeded to yell and curse even louder.

Protective mother threatens woman with knife outside residence

30-year-old Jerrisha Murray was charged with aggravated assault after threatening an unidentified person with a knife outside of her residence at the Miller Town Apartments.