Man plants bruise on wife’s forehead, per report

23-year-old Terry Flowers was charged with domestic assault after grabbing his wife to keep her from taking their son out of his car.

Man tells wife he feels seizure coming, then attacks her over texts to another man

35-year-old Nicholas Follis and 29-year-old Jessica Scott were charged with domestic assault after their argument over Scott sending texts to another man turned physical.

Soldier tries to prevent wife from calling 911 after going rounds in their apartment

20-year-old Tyler Baty was charged with aggravated domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call after getting physical with his wife and then preventing her from calling the police by taking her phone.

Man ‘Spartan kicks’ wife in chest and off front porch while she yells for help

22-year-old Jarryn Forbit was charged with domestic assault after he aggressively pulled his wife’s hair and when she went outside to yell for help, he ‘Spartan kicked’ her in the chest causing her to fall off their front porch.

Man reportedly pushes wife down the stairs over a text message

22-year-old Daniel Knight was charged with domestic assault after reportedly pushing his wife down the stairs, twisting her ankle, and punching her in the head.