CPD charges teen with ‘evading arrest’ but no apparent underlying crime

Feat Allen, Jacquilyne

19-year-old Jacquilyne Jade Allen was charged with evading arrest after she ran from police that were responding to a call about a fight.

On October 17th, Clarksville Police Officer Nicholas DeJesus responded to a call for service located at 707 Power Street for a fight in progress. Upon arrival, the officer could hear individuals yelling near the location. After investigating the area, the officer observed multiple people standing on the roadway. A white female looked toward the officers and proceeded to walk away from them. The female was later identified as Jacquilyne Jade Allen.

Jacquilyne Allen (MCSO)
Jacquilyne Allen (MCSO)

When the officers arrived on the scene, Allen began to run away in an attempt to evade arrest. Officer DeJesus shouted for Allen to stop but she didn’t, causing the officer to start chasing after her. During the on-foot pursuit, Allen fell on the ground, got back up, and continued to run while looking back at the officer. The officer asked her to stop once again, to which she complied.

Jacquilyne Jade Allen was arrested and charged with evading arrest. She was later released on a $500 bond.

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