Man arrested for yelling and swearing at police in the middle of the street

28-year-old Carl Boyd was charged with disorderly conduct after he yelled and cursed at officers while walking down Lafayette Road. When he was warned, he proceeded to yell and curse even louder.

On July 21, Officer DeJesus responded to disorderly conduct at Lafayette Road and Orleans Drive. While on the way to the Montgomery County Jail, Officer Pacheco observed Carl Boyd walking on the roadway with a vehicle following him. Due to the possibility of a domestic situation occurring, contact was made with Boyd as well as the driver of the vehicle. While speaking with Boyd, Officer Pacheco could smell the odor of alcohol emitting from Boyd and noticed that his speech was slurred.

Carl Boyd (MCSO)
Carl Boyd (MCSO)

While explaining why contact was being made with him, Boyd began to yell and curse. Boyd was given a warning to lower his voice. He did not listen to the officer and proceeded to yell even louder and to curse even more. Due to the Boyd raising his voice and yelling after the warning given to stop, he was placed into custody.

Carl Boyd was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. His bond was set at $1,500.

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