Soldier tries to prevent wife from calling 911 after going rounds in their apartment

20-year-old Tyler Baty was charged with aggravated domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call after getting physical with his wife and then preventing her from calling the police by taking her phone.

On August 19th, Officer DeJesus was dispatched to 830 Peachers Mill Road for a domestic situation. Contact was immediately made with both Tyler Baty and his wife, Leslie Baty. The wife explained that her husband was banging on their bedroom door demanding she open it. When Mrs. Baty opened the door Mr. Baty grabbed her from behind. He then pushed her into the spare room of their apartment where he pushed her down, got on top of her, and slapped her in the face. She attempted to get him off of her by grabbing his shirt.

Once she was able to get up from the ground, he grabbed her from behind again, this time putting his arm around her neck, causing obstruction to her airway. Mrs. Baty said the altercation then moved to the living room where he pushed her down again. She was able to leave the apartment with her phone to call the police, but Mr. Baty followed her and took the phone from her hand.

Tyler Baty (MCSO)
Tyler Baty (MCSO)

According to the husband, Mrs. Baty slammed the door against the wall when she opened it and he held the door open to prevent damage to the apartment which caused his wife to push him in the chest twice. Mr. Baty said at that point he grabbed her from behind to restrain her and Mrs. Baty began hitting him and lunging forward in an attempt to free herself.

He claimed that when she lunged forward it caused both of them to go crashing to the floor of the spare room. Mr. Baty explained his wife started pulling at his shirt repeatedly, and once they were both off the ground she said she was going to call the police. The husband confirmed he took her phone in an attempt to keep her from calling the police.

Tyler Baty was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call. His bond was set at $12,500.

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