#DUI: Woman orders “3 of your best drinks” from Electric Cowboy before driving

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23-year-old Britney Renee Hidrogo was charged with her first DUI after she had drinks at the Electric Cowboy and was witnessed hopping over the median of Fort Campbell Boulevard in her car.

On October 17th, Clarksville Police Officer Michael Hickmon conducted a traffic stop after hearing tires squealing, and crashing noise. Officer Hickmon observed a Toyota driving through the median of Fort Campbell Blvd after it hopped the curb. The vehicle then proceeded to fall back onto Fort Campbell Blvd making a wide turn crossing all three lanes of traffic and smacking into the curb. Officer Hickmon made contact with the driver of the vehicle at 3193 Fort Campbell Blvd who identified herself as Britney Hidrogo.

Britney Hidrogo (MSCO)
Britney Hidrogo (MSCO)

While Officer Hickmon explained to Hidrogo why he was making contact with her, she spontaneously stated that her tires popped for an unknown reason, and that’s why she hopped the curb. Hidrogo had glossy, bloodshot eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her person. Hidrogo stated she asked the bartender at the Electric Cowboy for one of their best drinks and consumed three of them. Hidrogo consented to conduct a field sobriety test to ensure she was able to operate a motor vehicle safely, which she performed poorly on.

Britney Renee Hidrogo was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. She was later released on a bond of $1,500.

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