Man attempts to throw officer during traffic stop

29-year-old Nicholas Lynch was charged with speeding, resisting arrest, open container, and two counts of assaulting an officer after attempting to throw an officer to the ground and take another’s firearm.

Felon with handgun, “a little bit of weed,” and no license tells officer he is a murderer during stop

31-year-old Blake Wright was charged with possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, convicted felon going armed, and failure to obey traffic control signals after running a red light with marijuana and a stolen firearm in the vehicle.

Woodlawn man upset by wreck brandishes handgun, calls himself a psycho, threatens another man

35-year-old Ryan Marshall was charged with aggravated assault when he and another man collided vehicles and the other man claimed Marshall referred to himself as a psycho and was brandishing a firearm.