Man hits ex-girlfriend with metal towel rack when accused of stealing her friend’s money

41-year-old Jonathan Washington was charged with aggravated assault after reportedly attacking his ex-girlfriend and her friend with a metal towel holder after she accused him of stealing her money.

Teen taken into custody after she calls police and reports she pushed her girlfriend

Feat Esselborn Ashley

19-year-old Ashley Marie Esselborn was charged with domestic assault after an argument with her girlfriend, Naomi Webster, escalated until Esselborn called the police and was taken into custody when she told them she pushed Naomi.

Man attempts to pull roommate out of vehicle during argument

24-year-old Kyle Elton Curtis Browne was charged with domestic assault after he pulled on his roommate’s arm during an argument to get him out of the car.

It wasn’t “all gravy”: Hardee’s employee charged with DUI after swerving through traffic

22-year-old Daniel Allen was charged with driving under the influence after he was caught swerving throughout lanes of traffic in the area of 101st Airborne Division Parkway and Whitfield Road. He was found by police to be intoxicated after failing several field sobriety tests.