Teen taken into custody after she calls police and reports she pushed her girlfriend

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19-year-old Ashley Marie Esselborn was charged with domestic assault after an argument with her girlfriend, Naomi Webster, escalated until Esselborn called the police and was taken into custody when she told them she pushed Naomi. Scoop: Clarksville interviewed both parties by phone.

On October 28th, Clarksville Police Officer Nicholas Rodriguez responded to a domestic violence call located at 135 Westfield Court. Upon arrival at the location, Officer Rodriguez made contact with Naomi Webster. Webster stated that during a verbal altercation with her girlfriend, later identified as Ashley Esselborn, started slapping both her arms and hands. It was noted there were no visible injuries to Webster.

Ashley Esselborn (MCSO)
Ashley Esselborn (MCSO)

Officer Rodriguez also spoke with Esselborn, who gave a different story. Esselborn stated that during the argument with her girlfriend, they were in close proximity to one another and she pushed Webster to get her out of her face. Esselborn was deemed the aggressor in the altercation and was placed into custody.

Ashley Marie Esselborn was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on a $250 bond.

Ashley Esselborn (Facebook)

Scoop: Clarksville reached out to Esselborn and during the call, she started hysterically crying about the situation. During a moment of calm, she explained, “Whatever you just read to me is not true at all. The neighbors called the police because we were arguing very loud about a blanket. We weren’t arguing about anything that mattered. We were just being loud at 6 in the morning, and the police came.” She explained that they left without taking anyone at that time.

Esselborn reported she and Webster got into another argument later. She told Webster that if she didn’t leave, she would call the authorities back. Esselborn then called the police. She reported the officials informed her that either she or her girlfriend were going to be arrested. Esselborn explained to the officer that all she did was push her girlfriend out of her face. She said the officer replied, “Since you told me what you did, I have to put you in handcuffs.”

Naomi Webster (Facebook)

Naomi then came to the phone with a cool, calm, and collected demeanor and explained that Esselborn didn’t hit her. When questioned about the statement she provided police, Naomi said she didn’t recall telling them Esselborn had slapped her arms and hands. Naomi cited an official as saying, “Okay, that’s all I need to hear.” when Esselborn stated she pushed her. Naomi also wanted to provide a personal statement about Esselborn and said, “Ashley don’t fight, bruh. Like, she will yell, she could yell her lungs out, but she ain’t gon fight.”

The call ended with Naomi leaving to comfort and reassure Esselborn about the situation.

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