Clarksville man violates order of protection, leaves neighbors in fear

37-year-old Joshua Mullins was charged with abuse of the elderly, forgery, two counts of identity theft, two counts of theft of property, and violation of a restraining order. His charges stem from violating an order of protection near a home on Nashboro Road where he was then caught with three warrants for his arrest, according to the National Crime Information Center.

Clarksville man steals truck; gets turned in by mother

33-year-old Andrew Freeman was charged with theft of property in regards to a 2002 Ford F-150 truck that was stolen from a business on Jardco Drive that was valued at $4,000. The vehicle was found abandoned at Creekbend Mobile Home Park nearly a month later.

Woman caught shoplifting by Target employee

Kirstin Wasson (MCSO)

24-year-old Kirstin Wasson was charged with theft of property when Target heist was foiled by the store’s trusty loss prevention personnel Nathan Fown.

MCSO arrests group for over $200,000 in stolen property

CLARKSVILLE, TN – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) recovered over $200,000 in stolen property and arrested four suspects involved in a two-state crime spree.

Man points gun in girlfriend’s face and steals from grandmother in separate incidents

19-year-old Randall Gilmer was charged with domestic assault after pointing a gun in his girlfriend’s face and telling her “she was not going to leave him”. He was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for theft of property after getting mad at his grandmother for not buying him Subway and stealing her car, cell phone, and $1,465 in cash.

Clarksville area felon arrested in Nashville for stolen vehicle and possession of a handgun

35-year-old Rasheed Davis was charged with felon in possession of a handgun, theft of property, and driving without a license after police pulled him over for having a Kentucky plate registered to a Chevy on a stolen Dodge Avenger he was driving.

Not the most flattering senior moment

Paula McGowan, 48, was arrested for criminal impersonation and shoplifting after giving a false name to an officer and then asking if her real identity had a warrant against her.

I cannot tell a lie… that is my gun, those are my drugs, I came from that apartment

Jordan Choate, 21, was charged with simple possession, theft of property, and being a felon in possession of a handgun after being stopped on foot and voluntarily admitting to possessing marijuana in his vehicle that prompted a search that revealed even more.