Second man charged for involvement in Target theft

31-year-old Zachary Scalf was charged with two counts of property theft and driving on a suspended license after he and his friend, Travis Spicer, filled plastic Target bags with video games and Blu-Ray sets.

Man charged after putting $750 of Target merchandise in branded bags and leaving

29-year-old Travis Spicer was charged with theft after he stole video games and movies from Target with their shopping bags for a total of $750 in merchandise.

Woman bangs on another’s door for help; charged when she tells police there is a body nearby

29-year-old Katina Hegger was charged with theft of property and vandalism after she broke a woman’s front window, claimed there was a dead body nearby to authorities, and was found to have an active warrant for theft.

Elderly man says he never strangled his girlfriend; talks to police with grinder in pocket

69-year-old Bobby Morrow was charged with aggravated domestic assault, theft of property, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia after he reportedly strangled his girlfriend and stole her phone after she started an argument with him over the death of her friend.

Fugitive and accomplice stopped by Walmart loss prevention on Fort Campbell Boulevard

28-year old Alexander Hart and 25-year-old Desiree Gwin were charged with theft of property after stealing $121.09 in merchandise from Wal-Mart.

Man caught sleeping at car wash in a stolen vehicle

37-year-old Dustin Roby was charged with theft of property and contraband in a penal institute after he was found sleeping in a stolen vehicle in the bay of a car wash and later found to have methamphetamine on his person at the jail.

Man intercepted trying to sell stolen trailer at Sam’s Club

24-year-old James Bourne III was charged with theft of property, violation of order of protection, compliance with financial responsibility, and improper stopping at a stop sign after attempting to sell a stolen pull behind trailer valued at $2,000.

Teen fugitive charged when police find him asleep at the wheel of stolen vehicle

18-year-old Travis Gaskin was charged with theft, possession of marijuana, and paraphernalia after falling asleep at the wheel and being found with marijuana and a stolen vehicle.

Man steals car and cell after friend takes him to a party

25-year-old Davon D. Jackson was charged with theft of property after one of his friends woke up to find his Dodge and his cell phone missing after the two had spent the previous night together partying.

Repeat theft offender stole shrimp from Kroger and steaks from Walmart #SurfNTurf

feat Wheeler Tommy

57-year-old Tommy Wheeler was charged with burglary and theft of property when he stole steak and shrimp from two separate stores on the same day, one of which he had previously received a criminal trespass letter regarding.