Drifting driver found with a dozen muscle relaxers in grandmother’s car, charged with third DUI

38-year-old Bridgette Walker was charged with possession of meth, open container, Methocarbamol without a prescription, and joyriding when she took her grandmother’s unregistered vehicle on the highway while she had meth and 12 muscle relaxers.

Man intercepted trying to sell stolen trailer at Sam’s Club

24-year-old James Bourne III was charged with theft of property, violation of order of protection, compliance with financial responsibility, and improper stopping at a stop sign after attempting to sell a stolen pull behind trailer valued at $2,000.

Grand Prix driver told police he had engine problems and was found with .58 grams of meth

feat McCain Nicolas

27-year old Nicolas McCain was charged with possession of meth, suspended driver’s license, misuse of registration, open container after claiming to have engine problems.

Man tries to run patrol car off road during chase, later admits to using heroin

41-year-old Clinton Stafford was charged with aggravated assault, reckless driving, DUI 3rd offense when he was seen swerving through traffic on Ft. Campbell Blvd and then rammed a police car while in pursuit. He later admitted to using heroin prior to driving.

Palmyra passenger admits to having a syringe during traffic stop for false tags

30-year-old Jacob Rittenhouse was charged with compliance of financial responsibility, driving on a suspended license, possession of meth, possession of fentanyl with intent, and unlawful drug paraphernalia after he admitted to having a syringe during a traffic stop for false tags.