Grand Prix driver told police he had engine problems and was found with .58 grams of meth

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27-year old Nicolas McCain was charged with possession of meth, suspended driver’s license, misuse of registration, open container after his plates did not match his vehicle and a search yeilded meth and alcohol.

On September 29th, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Rivera observed Nicholas McCain operating a 2008 purple Pontiac Grand Prix traveling on Hwy 374. McCain pulled onto Hand Drive and parked in a private driveway. He then jumped out and claimed to have engine problems. Deputy Rivera ran McCain’s driver’s license which came back suspended, The license plate that was on the vehicle came back to a 2003 gold Buick SUV. The vehicle that McCain was in was not insured nor registered.

Nicolas McCain (MCSO)

While talking with McCain, deputies found an open pack of Newport cigarettes in the passenger side door along with a plastic baggie with methamphetamine, weighing .58 grams. When the deputies were inventorying the vehicle, two open containers of alcohol, cold to the touch and half-drunk, were located in the center console. In the small storage area located in front of the gear shift, a small clear container was found with a white powdery substance in it.

Nicolas McCain was arrested and charged with casual possession of meth, unlawful drug paraphernalia, driving on a suspended license, open container law, misuse of traffic registration, and financial responsibility. On October 9th, Nicholas McCain pled guilty to casual possession of meth in exchange for thirty days in jail and had his other charges dismissed.

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