Tint violation leads to meth and paraphernalia charges for two

32-year-old Jacob Pardue and 38-year-old Dustin Herron were charged with possession of methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia when they were pulled over for a tint violation.

Woman in possession of 2.5 grams fentanyl and syringes charged

35-year-old Natalie Mastranton was charged with possession of fentanyl and unlawful drug paraphernalia when she was pulled over for speeding and found to have 2.5 grams of Fentanyl.

Man found with meth, a gun, more meth, scales, another gun, more meth, and fentanyl

22-year-old Dionte Cornelius Gunn was charged with possession of meth, fentanyl, paraphernalia, and possession of a firearm after multiple residents of Ramblewood Apartments told police a man was trying to sell them meth.

Man has second overdose within a year; found in a field not breathing

23-year-old Christian Skeen was charged with being in possession of methamphetamine and Fentanyl when police found him not breathing in a field making this his second time overdosing within the past year.

Rapper “Sixstreet Mac” found unresponsive on I-24 off-ramp with heroin, Fentanyl, crack, and cocaine

31-year-old Mack Hall, also known as rapper “Sixstreet Mac”, was charged with driving under the influence and on a revoked license when he was found unresponsive in his Camry and in possession of multiple narcotics.

Man admits to snorting and having heroin during traffic stop

29-year-old Tyrice Mcrae was charged with speeding and simple possession of heroin when he was pulled over for multiple traffic violations and admitted to officers that he had snorted heroin and had more on him.

Walmart shoplifter found with Xanax and Fentanyl

21-year-old Hannah Clark was charged with burglary, theft of property, and simple possession after taking $850 worth of merchandise from Walmart with Xanax and while being searched, she was found with Xanax and Fentanyl.

Clarksville woman caught with heroin and her fifth suspended license charge

46-year-old Angela Green was charged with possession of heroin, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and her fifth driving on a suspended license charge after she was observed driving by a deputy that “knew about her” from prior incidents, per report.

Clarksville man and his girlfriend caught with fentanyl and marijuana in Lebanon

39-year-old Dreama Stacy and 43-year-old Patrick Merchant were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of fentanyl, and possession of marijuana with intent after being pulled over for improperly changing lanes.

Homeless woman admits to giving man an overdose with fentanyl-laced heroin

38-year-old Amber Rowlette was charged with possession of heroin for resale and theft of property when police arrived at Plato’s Closet to find her in the passenger seat of a vehicle with an unconscious and possibly overdosed man.