Man tries to run patrol car off road during chase, later admits to using heroin

41-year-old Clinton Stafford was charged with aggravated assault, reckless driving, DUI 3rd offense when he was seen swerving through traffic on Ft. Campbell Blvd and then rammed a police car while in pursuit. He later admitted to using heroin prior to driving.

On July 13th, Officer Greenman was advised of a drunk driver in a white Honda Civic on Ft. Campbell Boulevard. The driver of the car was later identified as the defendant, Clinton Stafford, who was observed swerving in and out of the traffic lanes and occasionally swerving into the oncoming lane. He also observed him passed out behind the wheel at the intersection of Lee Road and Ft. Campbell Boulevard before swerving around on Ft. Campbell Boulevard.

Clinton Stafford (MCSO)
Clinton Stafford (MCSO)

Dispatch then advised that Stafford collided with another vehicle when heading towards Gate 1. The driver of that vehicle followed behind south on Ft. Campbell Boulevard Stafford after he drove away from the accident. Officer Greenman attempted to conduct a traffic stop but Stafford sped up and continued to swerve in and out of lanes. Stafford merged onto Purple Heart Parkway while trying to run the officer off the roadway by colliding with the back passenger side of the patrol vehicle. He then began driving on the right shoulder of the road, while the officer was awaiting back up to conduct a rolling roadblock.

After the roadblock was in place Stafford tried running into the back of Officer Greenman’s patrol vehicle before he finally came to a stop close to Evans Road on Purple Heart Parkway. Officers placed him into custody without a standard sobriety test due to his level of consciousness. EMS administered Narcan when he began to nod off while in custody and after he admitted to taking heroin before driving. Implied consent was explained but Stafford refused to give a blood sample. Last year he was charged with a DUI and his license was revoked, police found when they did a computer check.

Clinton Stafford was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, reckless driving, DUI 3rd offense, leaving the scene with property damage, driving on a revoked license, violation of financial responsibility, evading arrest, and implied consent. His bond was set at $135,000.

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