Soldier chases woman around town to “get his cell phone back”

22-year-old Misael Montellano was charged with stalking when he and four others tried boxing in the victim’s car twice and followed her around town so that he could get his phone back, per report.

On July 13th, close to 11 pm a road rage call at 1433 Mcclardy Road led to Officer Thomas contacting the victim at a Walgreens located at 2975 Ft. Campbell Boulevard. The victim told police that when she arrived at her residence she noticed three motorcycles, a BMW, and a Mustang there. The BMW belonged to the defendant, Misael Montellano, she stated, and he was there to get his cellphone back from her.

Misael Montellano (MCSO)
Misael Montellano (MCSO)

At that time she said that she left and all the vehicles began following her through the city attempting to box her Chevy Silverado in. She met up with Officer Thomas at the Walgreens after that confirming the story that she told him. Police called Montellano who said that he wanted his cellphone back from her but the officer stated that it was a civil matter and explained the process of handling it.

Montellano and the motorcycles followed her again after she left from Walgreens to head back to her residence. She contacted the police again who observed the BMW in front of the victim trying to box her in again. Officer Thomas conducted a traffic stop and asked Montellano if it was he whom he spoke to on the phone earlier. When Montellano agreed, he was placed into custody.

Misael Montellano was arrested and charged with stalking. His bond was set at $5,000.

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