Man tells deputy he is “not lost,” but is unable to say where he is #DUI

feat Hanson Charles

30-year-old Charles Anthony Hanson was charged with driving under the influence for the first time after failing a field sobriety test and claiming he was “not lost,” but could not identify where he was.

Man caught sleeping at car wash in a stolen vehicle

37-year-old Dustin Roby was charged with theft of property and contraband in a penal institute after he was found sleeping in a stolen vehicle in the bay of a car wash and later found to have methamphetamine on his person at the jail.

Fugitive apprehended when he was caught snoozing with another man at Jet Car Wash

Feat Page Jeremy

46-year-old Jeremy Joe Page was charged with theft, possession of marijuana, and possession of methamphetamine after authorities found him asleep at a local car wash behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle.

Woman tells police “I have needles in my pants” after being detained

26-year-old Kiersten Renee Napodano was charged with violation of conditions of release, open container, and improper display of plates after being caught with a flask of Crown Royal and needles in her purse, her car, and her pants.

Woman found with 50 grams of meth and fentanyl during traffic stop

39-year-old Jessica Christy was charged with possession of meth and fentanyl for resale, possession of marijuana, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia, criminal impersonation, and felony possession of a weapon after being pulled over on Purple Heart Parkway.