Man tells deputy he is “not lost,” but is unable to say where he is #DUI

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30-year-old Charles Anthony Hanson was charged with driving under the influence for the first time after failing a field sobriety test and claiming he was “not lost,” but could not identify where he was.

On November 8th, Montgomery County Deputy Kelly Potter responded to a 911 call at the intersection of Fox Trail and Briarwood Road. The caller stated a vehicle pulled into their yard, and when they went to speak with the driver, they drove off. Deputy Potter made contact with the driver, who identified themselves as Charles Anthony Hanson. Upon contact with Hanson, the deputy noticed he appeared to be “sluggish” and “lethargic” while being questioned.

Charles Hanson (MCSO)
Charles Hanson (MCSO)

Deputy Potter proceeded to ask Hanson to step out of the vehicle to preform a field sobriety test. It was noted that Hanson was unsteady on his feet and swaying back and forth while he stood. Hanson stated to Deputy Potter that he “wasn’t lost”, even though he was unable to tell the deputy what street they were on. Deputy Potter then conducted a field sobriety test, which Hanson preformed poorly. He was then taken into custody.

Charles Anthony Hanson was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. He was later released on a $2,500 bond.

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