Aluminum methball found inside prison purse

43-year-old Goldie Wallace was charged with contraband in a penal institution and possession of methamphetamine when she was arrested for an active warrant and found to have meth inside of her person during the cavity search.

Woman pulls knife on man while he drives; says she will “f*cking kill him”

35-year-old Tanya Jean Butts was charged with aggravated domestic assault, simple possession, and contraband in a penal institution when police found marijuana in her purse as she was being booked.

Food service employee caught sneaking narcotics to Montgomery County Jail inmate

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has charged three individuals after they received an anonymous tip that a kitchen employee with Trinity Service Group, who provides food services to inmates, was bringing in prescription narcotics to an inmate.

Man charged with 2nd DUI hits 2 vehicles in intersection causing injuries

41-year-old Derrick Turner was charged with contraband in a facility, possession of marijuana, cocaine, DUI, open container, traffic violation, no insurance, and driving on a revoked license after he struck two cars in an intersection with drugs in his car.

Dover driver swerves on Providence Boulevard, later found with Benzos during booking

24-year-old Sierra Jackson was charged with driving under the influence, failure to exercise due care, contraband in a penal institution, simple possession, and unlawful drug paraphernalia after swerving in a Jeep Patriot at the intersection of Providence Blvd and Power Street. Jackson was detained and law enforcement later found 2.2 grams of benzodiazepine on her.

Woman charged with unprescribed pills twice in one week accepts plea bargain

26-year-old Heather Cox was charged with driving on a revoked license, 2 counts of possession for prescription pills, public intoxication, contraband in a penal facility and paraphernalia from separate incidents on May 29th and June 3rd.

Oak Grove woman caught with fentanyl on a lottery ticket

35-year-old Marisa Oropeza was charged with unlawful drug paraphernalia, contraband in a penal institution and simple possession of fentanyl after being charged during a traffic stop. Powdered opioids were found on Oropeza’s person in the form of a lottery ticket while in Montgomery County Jail.

Man found with marijuana during booking at Montgomery County Jail

54-year-old Charles Sebree was charged with violating his conditions of release and contraband in a penal institution after he was found to be in possession of THC while being booked at the Montgomery County Jail.

Paris woman charged with methamphetamine found in wallet and bra

25-year-old Rachael Shaffer was charged with burglary, possession of meth, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and contraband in a penal institution when a search revealed 4.3 grams of meth stowed in her wallet and brassiere.