Teen fugitive charged when police find him asleep at the wheel of stolen vehicle

18-year-old Travis Gaskin was charged with theft, possession of marijuana, and paraphernalia after falling asleep at the wheel and being found with marijuana and a stolen vehicle.

Man steals car and cell after friend takes him to a party

25-year-old Davon D. Jackson was charged with theft of property after one of his friends woke up to find his Dodge and his cell phone missing after the two had spent the previous night together partying.

Repeat theft offender stole shrimp from Kroger and steaks from Walmart #SurfNTurf

feat Wheeler Tommy

57-year-old Tommy Wheeler was charged with burglary and theft of property when he stole steak and shrimp from two separate stores on the same day, one of which he had previously received a criminal trespass letter regarding.

Armed robbery leads to finding man with “mixed” weed at Oak Haven Hotel; said it was worth $5

55-year-old James Elliot was charged with possession of marijuana after officers found what he said was a dime bag worth of marijuana mixed with other green leafy substances to make the appearance of more which weighed about 50 grams.

Palmyra woman caught with stolen Visa card during breaking & entering investigation

24-year-old Brittany Coombs was charged with theft. Coombs matched the description of woman suspected of breaking into a home in the area of Vernon Creek. When police made contact with her they found a stolen Visa card.

Man reportedly attacks pregnant girlfriend when he learns she no longer wants to be with him

20-year-old Queonte Turner-Pinnix was charged with domestic assault and theft of property after getting into a physical altercation with his pregnant girlfriend at Tennova Healthcare.

Man found with meth admits to stealing charger from Walmart and cellphone from MetroPCS

22-year-old Christopher Craig was charged with shoplifting, theft, paraphernalia and methamphetamine violation after Walmart loss prevention witnessed him stowing merchandise and a search revealed a phone stolen from another store.

Walmart shoplifter found with Xanax and Fentanyl

21-year-old Hannah Clark was charged with burglary, theft of property, and simple possession after taking $850 worth of merchandise from Walmart with Xanax and while being searched, she was found with Xanax and Fentanyl.

Stolen revolver found woman’s backpack, she claimed she bought it from neighbors

30-year-old Cheyenne Fulton was charged with theft of property when she and her husband were stopped on Zinc Plant Road for not having a license plate and she admitted ownership of a backpack containing a stolen revolver.

Impostor charged with ID theft when pizza is ordered with a stolen credit card

38-year-old Sarah Grimes was charged with theft of property, identity theft, and illegal possession of credit card after she was using a stolen credit card to order $80 worth of Pizza Hut and had it delivered to her hotel room.