Father reportedly throws mother’s cellphone to stop her from picking up their son

37-year-old Mark Gifford was charged with vandalism after throwing a cellphone that belonged to the mother of his son in an attempt to keep her from taking the juvenile child with her.

Woman pushes, strikes, and strangles wife during lover’s quarrel

20-year-old Fantasia Joyner was charged with aggravated domestic assault when her wife reported that she pushed, hit, and strangled her during an argument.

Repeat offender uses spare key to drive after server takes keys; charged with DUI

64-year-old Frederick Alan was charged with driving under the influence second offense, possession of weed, and driving on a revoked license when a concerned server reported that a drunk driver may be located in the area.

Forehead pokes, a pair of tongs, and a broken table lead to couple’s arrest for assault

21-year-old Jasmine Farruya and 22-year-old Anthony Farruya were charged with domestic assault after they took part in an altercation involving a pair of tongs, getting hit with a cell phone, a broken table, and the two of them wrestling over marital issues.

“More than I should have” is what a tipsy man confesses to deputy during traffic stop

51-year-old Jason Antill was charged with driving under the influence and a headlights violation when a sheriff’s deputy witnessed a truck driving down the road without headlights on, and he admitted to having been at Scooters.

Illinois driver fails to maintain lanes; admits she had been drinking Hennessy

24-year-old Andreana Lawrence was charged with driving under the influence, speeding, improper lane use, and open container when a trooper observed a vehicle unable to maintain its lane and she was found with an open bottle of Hennessy.

Man found with meth admits to stealing charger from Walmart and cellphone from MetroPCS

22-year-old Christopher Craig was charged with shoplifting, theft, paraphernalia and methamphetamine violation after Walmart loss prevention witnessed him stowing merchandise and a search revealed a phone stolen from another store.

Impaired driver observed traveling wrong way down one-way road with several cans of beer in his Honda

21-year-old Nathanial Schurman was charged with driving under the influence and no proof of insurance after patrol officers witnessed a Honda Fit traveling the wrong way on a one-way street with beer cans in his car.

Estranged wife reportedly throws a brick at ex and puts another through the window of his Cadillac

feat Maeweathers, Erma

59-year-old Erma Maeweather was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after she slammed a car into her ex-husband’s van, threw a brick through his sedan’s window, and chucked a brick at him through the front window of his home.

Distracted driver gives police consent to search, found with marijuana

feat Sumner, Frank

47-year-old Frank Sumner was charged with possession of marijuana with intent and drug paraphernalia after he was caught driving into oncoming traffic, gave consent for officers to search during a traffic stop, and was found with marijuana.