Armed robbery leads to finding man with “mixed” weed at Oak Haven Hotel; said it was worth $5

55-year-old James Elliot was charged with possession of marijuana after officers found what he said was a dime bag worth of marijuana mixed with other green leafy substances to make the appearance of more which weighed about 50 grams.

On September 21st, Clarksville Police Officer Logan Oakley was dispatched to Oak Haven Hotel located at 1425 Fort Campbell Boulevard to find James Elliot in reference to an armed robbery. Police immediately placed him into custody and conducted a search to find an estimated 50 grams of marijuana.

James Elliot (MCSO)
James Elliot (MCSO)

Elliot was interviewed where he waived his Miranda rights. During this interview, he stated that there was only about a dime bag worth of weed and the rest is just green leafy substances to make it look like there was more weed. He said that he planned on selling it for $5.

James Elliot was arrested and charged with manufacture, delivery, or sale of a controlled substance (marijuana.) He also has warrants out for tampering/fabricating evidence, convicted felon going armed, aggravated assault, possession of a handgun while under the influence, and theft of property. His bond was set at $80,000.

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