Council candidate says she meets 12-month residency requirement but voted in Dickson in February of 2020

The question has been called as to whether Ward 4 City Council candidate Margaret Thompson is eligible to run for office in Clarksville. She says she’s lived in Clarksville for 8 years but records show she voted in Dickson, TN earlier this year, which would have required her to also have residency there.

The requirements to run for Clarksville City Council are relatively lax. Eligibility simply consists of the qualifications listed in the Tennessee Code Annotated 8-18-101, that the candidate has lived in the city for twelve months and is registered to vote in the election in which they will be on the ballot.

Margaret Thompson (Source
Margaret Thompson (Source

Queries were recently publicly raised about the residency of Ward 4 City Council candidate Margaret Thompson. The address on both Thompson’s qualification petition and Montgomery County Voter Registration is 951 Roedeer Drive. She also submitted as proof a lease dated December 28th, 2017 from Wanda Allen for the same address.

However, the Dickson County Election Commission had Thompson listed as a registered voter at 207 Woodlawn Drive in Dickson from October 2006 until she was purged after registering in Montgomery County on June 17th of the current year.

Margaret Thompson candidate questionnaire (Source Main Street Clarksville)
Margaret Thompson candidate questionnaire (Source Main Street Clarksville)

Thompson also told Main Street Clarksville in a candidate questionnaire they released on October 15th that she’s lived in Ward 4 for “about eight years” despite having voted in the 2020 Presidential Primary in Dickson.

Margaret Thompson is an educator and active in many local organizations, she has also been endorsed by Leadership Project PAC, ChangeTN, and Women for Tennessee’s Future. Thompson declined to issue a statement when contacted.

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