IHOP employee runs down Dominion Drive believing someone is chasing him

38-year-old Dominick Delgado was charged with public intoxication after he was reported for running down Dominion Drive and told officers he hadn’t slept in three days and drank heavily, all while screaming for his life and believing someone with a knife was chasing him.

On May 17th, officers responded to a call at 1014 Dominion Dr. There, they spoke with Dominick Delgado. Delgado was very paranoid, thinking someone was after him.

Dominick Delgado

He told police he hadn’t slept in days, and he admitted to drinking. Officers smelled alcohol on his breath. Police determined that Delgado presented a danger to himself and the public.

Dominick Delgado was arrested and charged with public intoxication. His bond was set at $439.

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