Clarksville soldier charged with domestic assault after pulling a knife and “acting out”

23-year-old Atiana Hughes was charged with aggravated domestic assault when she was accused of pulling a knife and “acting out” when an unwelcome guest refused to leave her home.

On March 9th, Officer Donavane Robinson was called to investigate an unwanted guest. Atiana Hughes explained the altercation had started earlier in the evening when she and the victim had a disagreement and the victim “called a bunch of friends over to their house to try and fight her.”

Atiana claimed she left at that point to avoid this and when she returned, a person named Baiylen Gold was present. Ataina said she wanted them to leave, which prompted a confrontation after all. Officers asked if this had become physical and Atiana said no. The victim disagreed and told authorities that Atiana had pulled a knife and was “yelling and acting out”, which placed her in fear for her safety.

Atiana Hughes was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. Her bond was set at $10,000.

Trish Butler

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