Woman booked after officer hears she destroyed her boyfriend’s $15 headphones

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27-year-old Vera Howard was charged with vandalism under $1000 after she admitted to an officer that she broke her boyfriend’s $15 pair of headphones during a verbal argument.

Suspicious man flees into stranger’s home after being questioned by police

20-year-old Darrius Heard was charged with vandalism, criminal trespassing, and resisting arrest after he was questioned because he matched the description of a suspicious person in the area and fled into a stranger’s apartment when police attempted to detain him.

Zoomer pummels mother’s face over Wi-Fi; left ear too tender to #MaskUp

20-year-old Kiara Torres was charged with domestic assault when her boyfriend took her mother to retrieve a vehicle, angering her. Things escalated when they fought about Wi-Fi and she punched her mother injuring her hand and ear.

Man drags woman out of her car and takes off, says “sorry I have to do this”

21-year-old Larry Hardy was charged with carjacking when he approached a woman at a dog park, told her “sorry I have to do this”, then dragged her out of her car, punched her in the head, and drove off. He then crashed into multiple vehicles while fleeing from police.