Zoomer pummels mother’s face over Wi-Fi; left ear too tender to #MaskUp

20-year-old Kiara Torres was charged with domestic assault when her boyfriend took her mother to retrieve a vehicle, angering her. Things escalated when they fought about Wi-Fi and she punched her mother injuring her hand and ear.

On August 17th, Clarksville Police Officer Price was dispatched to a domestic in progress at 2655 Union Hall Road. Melissa McDonald advised that she had just gotten into a physical altercation with her daughter, Kiara Torres. When officers arrived they contacted Torres in the parking lot. She told them she was arguing with her mother because she had asked Torres’ boyfriend for something. The argument escalated and became physical when Torres threw something at her mother.

Kiara Torres (MCSO)
Kiara Torres (MCSO)

McDonald advised officers that Torres’ boyfriend had taken her to retrieve her car, and Torres became upset because they did not tell her they had left. She said they were in the living room arguing about the Wi-Fi when Torres got in her face and began punching her in the head. McDonald stated her hand was injured from blocking the blows and also that her ear was hurt and tender to the point that she could not loop a mask on it.

Kiara Torres was arrested and charged with domestic assault and her bond was set at $500.

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