Man ransacks girlfriend’s home after forcing entry

36-year-old Jeffrey Sebree was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend locked him out and called 911 because shoved her and thrashed about her home.

On August 16th, Clarksville Police Officer Ferreira was dispatched to a domestic violence call at Ernest Shelton Drive. He spoke with Tameika Mccreary, who stated that she heard someone knocking outside her door and when she answered the door it was her boyfriend Jeffrey Sebree. Sebree pushed her to the side and made his way into the residence putting her in fear for her life. Mccreary also stated that Sebree went upstairs and into the living room, throwing her property to the ground before exiting out the back door.

Jeffrey Sebree (MCSO)
Jeffrey Sebree (MCSO)

Mccreary locked the front and back doors before calling 911. When Sebree noticed he was locked out of the house, he broke the living room window. There was a witness present that corroborated Mccreary’s story. When officers questioned Sebree, he denied the incident. Due to the witness testimony, Sebree was taken into custody.

Jeffrey Sebree was arrested and charged with domestic assault and his bond was set at $5,000.

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