Soldier stomps another in the face during dispute over jacket

20-year-old Destyni Trevino and 23-year-old Shamell Frias were charged with domestic assault after fighting over clothing.

Man slaps woman after she smashes his toe with bedroom door

31-year-old Dustin Holbrook was charged with domestic assault after a verbal dispute led to a woman hit him in the toe with a door and he slapped her.

Woman slaps roommate over keys to their apartment

44-year-old Mary Jane Gamble was charged with domestic assault after she slapped her roommate when he refused to give her his key to their apartment.

Intoxicated wife slaps husband while he is driving vehicle

32-year-old Ashley Nicole Jones was charged with aggravated domestic assault and violation of conditions of release after her husband reported she slapped him in the face while he was driving.

Man records ex-lover slapping his arm and leg

22-year-old A’ Keaveia Jackson was charged with domestic assault after her ex-boyfriend captured video of her slapping his arm and leg.

Government employee slaps soldier husband during argument over home decor

27-year-old Jessica Murphy was charged with domestic assault when her husband told officers they had a strictly verbal conflict over a painting she had not removed from their home. Jessica admitted she had slapped him.