Teen punches officer in face after fleeing on foot and ditching his empty Four Lokos

Feat Fearn Ian

19-year-old Ian Collin Fearn was charged with assault on an officer, criminal impersonation, public intoxication, evading and resisting arrest after punching an officer to escape after lying about his identity.

Urine soaked man charged with public intox after destroying room at A & W Motel

64-year-old Raymond Paul McCann was charged with public intoxication after being trespassed from a hotel for throwing property out of the room and harassing other tenants for more beer and pills.

Woman witnessed walking in her panties down Ft. Campbell Blvd; bites officer & admits she took LSD

31-year-old Shae Boyko was charged with assault and public intoxication after she was spotted walking down Ft. Campbell in nothing but panties and admitting to taking LSD before her walk.

Woman charged with unprescribed pills twice in one week accepts plea bargain

26-year-old Heather Cox was charged with driving on a revoked license, 2 counts of possession for prescription pills, public intoxication, contraband in a penal facility and paraphernalia from separate incidents on May 29th and June 3rd.

Man on bond for violating “stay at home” order while high on Ecstacy charged with domestic assault

32-year-old Jeremy Tucker was charged with domestic assault when a woman told officers he had spit at her and shoved her into a wall. Tucker was on bond from an April incident where he was reported trying to enter random cars at an intersection because he thought his “wife’s baby daddy” was shooting at him to kill him.

Special Delivery: man drops pants to “leave a letter” in neighbor’s mailbox

David Suiter, 52, was arrested for indecent exposure and public intoxication after he was found trying to “leave a letter” in his neighbor’s mailbox because he was lonely.