Woman witnessed walking in her panties down Ft. Campbell Blvd; bites officer & admits she took LSD

31-year-old Shae Boyko was charged with assault and public intoxication after she was spotted walking down Ft. Campbell in nothing but panties and admitting to taking LSD before her walk.

On September 17th, Clarksville Police Officer Marcus Onfroy was dispatched to a welfare check at Dodge’s located at 1504 Fort Campbell Boulevard. Shae Boyko was observed walking along Fort Campbell Boulevard speaking to herself out loud while exclusively wearing a pair of panties.

Shae Boyko (MCSO)
Shae Boyko (MCSO)

When officers arrived they attempted to offer Boyko clothing. She did not seem to be in a clear state of mind and refused by running into the street. When contact was made a second time, officers attempted to detain Boyko, but she resisted and “bit into” one of the officers. Once Boyko was detained and in police custody, she admitted to ingesting lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) before her walk.

Shae Boyko was arrested and charged with assault and public intoxication. Her bond was set at $10,500.

Bella Shedio

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