Man on bond for violating “stay at home” order while high on Ecstacy charged with domestic assault

32-year-old Jeremy Tucker was charged with domestic assault when a woman told officers he had spit at her and shoved her into a wall. Tucker was on bond from an April incident where he was reported trying to enter random cars at an intersection because he thought his “wife’s baby daddy” was shooting at him to kill him.

On June 4th, Clarksville Police Officer Greenman was called to a domestic incident at 725 Cayce Drive. According to an affidavit, Jeremy Tucker and a female got into an argument about what time she had gotten home. The female accused Tucker of spitting on her and pushing her against a wall. Tucker denied the altercation had escalated physically. Tucker does not have a domestic history and had sustained scratch marks on his face.

Jeremy Tucker (MCSO)
Jeremy Tucker (MCSO)

He was, however, on bond from an April 13th incident where he had been charged with disorderly, public intoxication and violation of a state declared emergency order. According to another affidavit, CPD Officer Creech was called to the Tiny Town Road and Peachers Mill Road intersection where it was reported that a man was trying to enter random cars stopped at the light.

Tucker told officers that two red cars were following him and “his wife’s baby daddy” was shooting at him. The report also states that he admitted consuming Ecstacy that morning and during booking, identified a Montgomery County Deputy as one of the people who had been popping shots at him. Officer Creech explained he charged Tucker with violating Tennessee State Executive Order Number 22 because he could not provide a valid reason he wasn’t sheltering in place.

Jeremy Tucker was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,500.

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