Urine soaked man charged with public intox after destroying room at A & W Motel

64-year-old Raymond Paul McCann was charged with public intoxication after being trespassed from a hotel for throwing property out of the room and harassing other tenants for more beer and pills.

On September 29th, Clarksville Police Department Officer Randy Cox responded to a call at A&W Motel located at 1505 Madison Street, where he made contact with the manager, Mr. Gersom Maldonado. Maldanado told officers Raymond Paul McCann was staying in a room that had been rented by another person.

Raymond Paul McCann (MCSO)
Raymond Paul McCann (MCSO)

The manager told police McCann had spent the whole day drinking and trashed the room while harassing other tenants for pills and beer. Officer Cox made contact with McCann and observed him throwing property out of the hotel room while urinating himself and making nonsensical statements, and noted he was visibly intoxicated.

Contact was also made with another witness that confirmed the hotel manager’s story. Officer Cox informed McCann that he was being trespassed from the property and needed to contact someone that could care for him in his current state. McCann was unable to provide the officer with a name or number. For that reason, Officer Cox determined McCann was a danger to himself.

Raymond Paul McCann was arrested and charged with public intoxication. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $439 bond.

Nick Pasquinelly

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