Special Delivery: man drops pants to “leave a letter” in neighbor’s mailbox

David Suiter, 52, was arrested for indecent exposure and public intoxication after he says he was trying to “leave a letter” in his neighbor’s mailbox while exposing himself. He told officers he was “lonely”.

On January 2nd, Officer Martin observed David Suiter standing outside a residence of Glendale Drive. As Officer Martin approached him he found that David had his penis exposed. During their interaction, David said that he lived across the street but was visiting a neighbor at the current location.

David Suiter (MCSO)
David Suiter (MCSO)

It was found that the resident of this location was unaware that David was on her property and that she did not want him there. David later admitted to being lonely and said that he was just there to leave a letter in the mailbox for his neighbor. Officer Martin went on to say that David had the smell of alcohol coming from his person and he admitted to drinking several beers beforehand. David was then determined to be “a danger and annoyance” to others and transported to booking.

David Suiter was charged with indecent exposure and public intoxication and is free on a $2000.00 bond.

Drew Burnett

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