Bags of drugs everywhere: shoe, trunk, purse; heroin & crystal meth seized

40-year-old Kara Yeager is charged multiple felony drug charges after an expired registration led to a traffic stop earlier this month, where officers located heroin, crystal meth, and paraphernalia on her person and in the vehicle she was driving.

Earlier this month, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department officers conducted a traffic stop on Kara Yeager for having expired tags. Upon contact, officers asked if they could search her vehicle and Kara consented. Officers began searching her purse which was located in the vehicle at the time and found a glass drug pipe “that had clearly been used”, according to an arrest affidavit. Kara was placed into custody at this time and the search of her vehicle continued. Officers searched her wallet and found a baggie with methamphetamine inside weighing approximately 1.38 grams.

Kara Yeager (MCSO)
Kara Yeager (MCSO)

While Kara was standing in front of a patrol vehicle with an officer she tried to remove a baggie from her shoe and the officer took possession of it. The baggie contained 2.52 grams of methamphetamine. Police also discovered a bag in the trunk of her vehicle which contained a small baggie that had .77 grams of oxycodone inside it. There was also a plastic bag under the driver seat containing multiple smaller baggies. Kara was transported to booking and charged accordingly based on evidence found during the search of her vehicle.

Kara Yeager is charged with two counts of methamphetamine possession, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and possession for resale and her bond was set at $85,000.00.

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