Parents found buying fentanyl with a child unsecured between them in truck

27-year-old Sean Crowe was charged with obtaining Fentanyl while police were observing his vehicle. Police searched the vehicle and found syringes while Crowe and his girlfriend had the baby in the front seat unsecured between them.

Non-working tag light leads to seizure of crack cocaine, oxycodone, marijuana

24-year-old Danterious Willis is charged with multiple counts of drug and paraphernalia possession after he was stopped for having an inoperable tag light on Kraft Street earlier this month.

Bags of drugs everywhere: shoe, trunk, purse; heroin & crystal meth seized

40-year-old Kara Yeager is charged multiple felony drug charges after an expired registration led to a traffic stop earlier this month, where officers located heroin, crystal meth, and paraphernalia on her person and in the vehicle she was driving.