Man accused of dragging girlfriend down hallway by her shirt, choking her

Edward Lewis Anderson (MCSO)

30-year-old Edward Lewis Anderson is charged with aggravated domestic assault after his girlfriend says he threw a pillow at her, then pushed her and drug her down a hallway by her shirt before choking her. He is free on a $3,500 bond.

Clarksville Police arrived at Ramblewood Drive in the early hours of January 1st to the report of a domestic disturbance. Police found Edward Lewis Anderson, and his girlfriend, Sammie Porter, who had been in an argument throughout the night. Ms. Porter says she had the bedroom door closed, which upset Mr. Anderson, so he entered the bedroom, pulled a pillow from under her head, and threw it at her.

Edward Lewis Anderson (MCSO)
Edward Lewis Anderson (MCSO)

Per an arrest report, Ms. Porter then followed him into the living room at which time she says she was pushed, and then drug down the hallway by her shirt before Mr. Anderson choked her with both hands until she couldn’t breathe – a claim denied by Mr. Anderson.

Edward Lewis Anderson was booked into the Montgomery County Jail, and charged with aggravated domestic assault. He is free on a $3500 bond via Rise’s Bonding.

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